About Cloudain

Our services enable businesses to tap into the full potential of
cloud native technologies, driving growth and success.

Our services enable businesses to tap into the full potential of cloud native technologies, driving growth and success.

Cloudain is a team of professionals who are passionate about DevOps engineering. The company’s name is an acronym that stands for Security, High-Availability and Load Balancing – the three pillars of resilient infrastructures.

Started in 2009 as a Linux systems administration company, Cloudain evolved from maintaining bare-metal servers to designing complex Cloud Native environments.

Today Cloudain is a full-fledged DevOps outsourcing company with 15 skilled engineers working in-house. Our team comprises certified Kubernetes engineers and professional cloud architects, whose high qualification and ample experience strengthen our foothold in core DevOps domains, including Cloud Native stack, multi-cloud cluster management, CI/CD pipelines, cloud migration, security and much more.

As an advanced AWS partner, Cloudain provides professional, consulting, and managed services for the companies that make their way to the cloud.

To embrace a variety of DevOps technologies that have been emerging recently, we at Cloudain practice the system of engineering roles, with each role specializing in a particular field. As our engineers keep on sharpening their skills in the focus area, we are able to deliver work at top level to meet the highest customers’ expectations.

Сompetence, well-developed workflows, strict time management and regular reporting are the hallmarks of our working approach.

Our Mission

Cloudain mission is to implement cutting-edge IT infrastructures optimal for customers’ needs within the shortest possible time.Our ambition is helping companies establish a strong technological basis for providing reliable online services. Working towards our goal we rely on up-to-date technologies for accomplishing routine tasks. We advocate for the persistent development and professional growth of our employees.

Core Values

  • Transparency at work and in business relations.
  • Equality in human relations.
  • Open-mindedness to different approaches.
  • Constant self-education in terms of new technologies.

Over 12 years of experience

Best practices, technologies, qualified engineers and effective processes – all under one roof!

Flexibility of technologies

Thoughtful approach, widely applicable technologies and experience allow us to manage any application regardless of its stack.

DevOps culture

We are not just using up-to-date technologies but also help organize the effective cooperation of dev and ops.

Focus on business values

We take time to understand core business values and align with them when developing a project infrastructure.